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What is a barfine?

Its a fee you pay to the bar to allow the bargirl to leave work early.  The politically correct term in the Philippines is Early Work Release (EWR).  Barfine is a term associated with prostitution and if a local police hears you say that word, you may be in for some trouble.

Theres two types of barfines, short time or long time: Short time would be a few hours of fun with your girl whereas long time would be typically over night until the next morning.

Most barfines will cost anywhere from 1000-1200php at the Perimeter bars to 1300-3000php at the Fields Ave bars.

A short time barfine will typically cost the same as a long time barfine but you can find some short time deals as little as 600-700php at some of the bars right off of Fields Ave on Santos St.  FYI Santos St. is known as “Blow Row” and known for short time barfines.

The more expensive barfines... Anything over the Fields Ave norm of 1300-1350php  is usually reserved for the “models” who feel can command the premium price.

Short time and Long time will depend on you and your barfine.  Discuss things ahead of time before barfining.  If you like the girl friend experience (GFE) and want her to stay with you overnight or possibly longer, make sure she knows your intention.  If you only desire some quick fun, let her know you intentions.


The difference you will pay out of pocket between short time and long time will be in the form of tip.  Some people will argue the proper amount to tip for short time is 300-400 peso and a maximum of 400-500 peso for a spectacular performance.  And the proper amount to tip for long time is 400-500 peso and on a rare occasion an absolute maximum of 700-1000 for a fantastic GFE and some one caters to everything you want.

I have heard of people tipping much more than that, perhaps 2000php maybe even 3000php.  I will not argue on your spending habits but I usually advise not to tip too much as it will possibly drive prices up.

A very low percentage of bargirls will be whats called a “runner”.  A runner is a barfined girl who agrees to do “this and that” for “this” amount of time but leaves early or does not perform.  There will be an excuse and the excuse may be legitimate but it will probably be fake.  Please, in this situation do not tip.  Some people have been known to report her back to the mamasan of the bar and possibly get a refund.

Some notes.  Please keep in mind that a bar girl does not need to barfine.  She can refuse.  Don’t get all bent out of shape if she refuses to barfine, its her right.  Barfining does not mean she will do your every want and need.  It is also her right to refuse anything that she is uncomfortable with.  However most bargirls are “ready and willing” if you know what i mean.  What im also trying to say is make sure there is communication between you and your potential barfine before you barfine her.


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