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One night in Manila

Hey there,

I just want to get this straight about EDSA. You go into the bar and see a girl u like and try to get mamasan to have her sit with you. If you like the girl, u then ask mamasan how much it is to barfine her. Is it ok to ask the girl right then and there how much is her tip and what will i get from the tip? Or am i setting myself up for getting arrested for solicitation. Sorry if this sounds stupid but it is my first time and i dont want to get "locked up abroad". If you could give me details, step by step it would be greatly appreciated. I know u mentioned the other place...Burgo St. or something, but it seems you get a room there with the girl and i was looking for somethiing to take back to my room. I get into Manila in the early evening so my time is short as i leave the next morning. Thanks for the info and hope u can help me with more personal account. Thanks again.

Candy Man


Candy Man,

EDSA International Entertainment Complex (EDSA IEC for short) is a small building with 8 or 9 different go-go bars.  There is a barfine or EWR to take a girl out of the bar. And only foreigners are allowed in the complex.

The girls at EDSA IEC will be somewhat straight forward at negotiating tip amount which may start very high depending on the girl and what she thinks she may command... >> more

Thailand traveler new to Philippines

Hello FieldsAvenue...

I will not consider myself an completely experienced traveler but I have traveled to Thailand a few times. My question is a simple one; I have planned my first trip to Angeles City in March 2010.  I have booked my accommodations at ABC Hotel, airline ticket already reserved.

I am not the overly adventurous type that needs a different body several times a day or nightly.  In Thailand I am usually able to find one woman from the bar scene to spend my entire vacation with (normally 2 -3 weeks).  No, am not looking to get married but don't like the hassle of different rates by this one or that one also it allows me to control whom I let enter my room (scams, etc)... From my past experiences in Thailand I have found it easier and better with just being generous, but not foolish, with one.  We sight-see, go partying, etc...but I have a truly relaxing and enjoyable vacation (if u know what I mean).

After reading your website are the bar girls in Angeles open to this type of arrangement with a Westerner tourist or am I stuck with just finding a different woman every day or night?

Thanks, by the way your website has been completely informative....



Hello BDB,

Thank you very much for viewing the site!

If there is one thing i can think of that the Philippines is better at compared to Thailand, it is the Girlfriend Experience.  You will not have any problem with finding a cute Filipina who will want to spend a long period of time with you.  I would suggest you secure all your expensive items in the room.  Watch, wallet, passport in hotel safe.  Laptop locked using a laptop lock to the desk.  Etc. in the unlikely case she turns out to be a thief.

You will certainly enjoy your upcoming trip.


Hello from Malaysia

Hi I’m Kenny,

Nice website info on Fields Avenue. I’m planning a trip to Angeles end of October is it peak season over there? This is the first time I’m traveling to the Philippines alone. I’m from Malaysia an Asian country as well. Is it dangerous out there at night? And I’m planning to stay in Le Mirage, is it safe? I've been to Bangkok, Pattaya, Beijing, Taiwan, Bali before is it almost the same as in fields avenue?



Hello Kenny,

Thank you very much for viewing the website.

Traveling to the Philippines alone really isn't so bad.  Especially since everything is written in English and a lot of people here speak English.  Communication really shouldn't be too much of a problem.

The main bar area of Balibago where Fields Ave is located and is very safe even at the very early morning hours.  Just make sure you do not.... >> more

Lollipop Kings

Me and my fellow Monger just got back from a 7 day trip from Angeles. We blew into town strong running up a 26,000 peso party at the Crystal Palace getting all the girls loose and drunk and building up our popularity for the rest of the week. After the first night, every time we would walk past the Palace, All the girls knew us, and holler at us. Of course we had to tone it down a bit after that or we would have been broke in 2 days. Well, about 500 pics and 20 videos later, we learned something this trip that we never thought of before, "lollipops" !!!    We were growing very tired of the children beggars mauling us after we would exit a club onto the street, and we're experienced enough to know not to give them money, so we dashed into the local seven eleven on fields ave. and grabbed a handful of lollipops, put them in our pockets and hit the street. We started out walking and soon were approached by a few little beggars and "Voila"!! It worked like a charm, the kids smiled, accepted the lollipop and even said thank you and they were on their way. If we had only known it was that easy!! They were happy to just get something from us, it didn’t need to be money. Also it makes you feel better inside and if your with a girl you picked up at a local club it makes them smile too !!  So my fellow mongers, save yourself some trouble and stop off at a local store and get you some 10 cent lolipops !!



Hello David,

Glad you have a great time.  And what a way to satisfy the beggars.

Cheap Hotels
Hello FieldsAvenue.info,

Thank you for your VERY informative site, great work!!!

I will be making my first trip to the Philippines and Angeles City in May, 2009. Although this will not be peak season, I'm sure there will be plenty of fun to be had.

My question is, are hotels cheaper after peak season? Can you please recommend a few good hotels (safe, clean, and close to the fun zone) for around $25 per night? Do some hotels have weekly rates where the price is cheaper if you stay for a week or more? Thank you for your time, and I promise to send a report of my trip for your site.



Hello BlackCat,

Thank you very much for viewing the site!

May isn’t Peak season but it should be a good time to go.  I assume it wont be so hot like the peak summer months in the Philippines.  Just be prepared with some light clothing and lots of clothes to switch into.  I usually took 3 showers a day cause it was so humid and hot.

Some hotels are cheaper during off-peak season some are not.  Two less expensive hotels i would suggest would be Swiss Chalet and Central Park hotels.  Swiss Chalet offers discount for extended stays, Central Park does not.  But it never hurts to ask with any hotel you contact.... >> more

An experienced Asia traveler


Thank you very much for all the excellent information on your web site.

I am planning my first trip to Angeles City, Philippines.  I am experienced Asia traveler having spent a lot of time in Thailand, Singapore, China, Korea, India, etc. However this is my first trip to the Philippines. I am interested in a high end hotel within walking distance of the Angeles City entertainment area. I’m considering the Angeles Beach Club Hotel. I especially like the roof top bar that they discuss on their web site. What is your opinion of this hotel? What other high end hotels are located within walking distance of the entertainment area?

What clubs do you think are the best for the quality of the ladies, friendly staff, a reasonable volume of music (not so loud that you cannot carry on a conversation), integrity, and just having a good time?

I am more interested in quality and a great experience than cost. I am very willing to spend a little more to have a great time and be comfortable.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,




Thanks for the email.

Although the Philippines in general may not be as beautiful and culturally rich as some of the other countries you have been to, Angeles City easily makes up for it with beautiful Filipina's and their great attitudes.... >> more

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