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Free Lancer Scams by FatBoyLegends.

Hi there,

I stumbled across your site. Things look pretty good!!! As someone that has lived in Angeles for the past few years I did want to pass along a warning for your free-lancer section.

There are MANY scams regarding free-lancers. I would advise against anyone taking free lancers in Angeles. The police openly recruit girls (and possibly other foreigners) to help them with scamming tourists. The most common scam involves claiming a girl is underage. Please keep in mind that the girl does not need to actually be underage. They only need to claim the girl is underage. The girl could actually be 25 but if someone later claims that girl is underage there is not a thing you can do about it. This is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Police, judges, attorneys and everyone else will do what makes them the most money NOT what is the correct or legal thing to do.

Hotel workers, people walking on the street, waitresses or basically anyone in Angeles could be watching for an underage girl to be seen with a foreigner. The girl themselves could be involved in the scam. They may text the police (or their friend that will contact the police for them) and tell them what hotel you are in and what room number. The law states YOU DO NOT ACTUALLY NEED TO HAVE SEX WITH THE GIRL TO BE GUILTY.  Being alone in a hotel room with an alleged underage girl is enough to be arrested and prosecuted. Another scam involves having your girl invite a friend over. The friend is then claimed to be underage and you are arrested for having her in your hotel room. Again, no need to have sex as just having her in your room is a crime.

The police know the tourists need to fly back home to their lives in a few days and will pay any amount to get out of any criminal charges. You will pay eventually.

Stick with the girls in the bars. If you want to meet a bargirl after work you are probably OK but still not 100% safe. If you meet a girl on the street you are possibly, maybe even probably, letting yourself be setup for a big fall.

From a girls perspective, there is no reason to be a freelancer in Angeles. Bargirls get a salary even if they don’t get a customer. Some girls can make more money from ladies drinks than they can from a barfine. From my knowledge of the girls, as I live in the area, the only girls working on the streets are the ones that can not get a license to work in the bars. This is because they either are not of age yet or because they can not pass the weekly hygiene exam.

Have a good day and good luck with the website.


Editors note:

Thanks for the very informative and comprehensive article and the good wishes.  I’ll forward this on to the readers.  Salamat po.


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