- The Definitive Guide to Angeles City


Glossary of useful terms and commonly used phrases used by bar girls and local Filipinos.

Ano - What?

Aray - Ouch!

Ate - A respectful way for a younger person to refer to an older woman. Pronounced ahh-tay.

Babaero - A womanizer or a man who seduces women.

Baboy - Pig. If you are rude, the bargirls might call you a pig.

Bakit - Why?

Bakla - Ladyboy. Katoey (in Thai). Transsexual.

Balibago - The main entertainment district/barangay of Angeles City.

Barangay - A neighborhood

Barfine or Early Work Release (EWR) - A fee you pay to the bar to allow the bargirl to leave work early. >> more info

Bastos - Nasty, Rude, or Perverted

Blow Row - Santos Street which is perpendicular to Fields Ave.  A street once known for its blow job bars.

Bola-Bola - Bullshit

Boom-Boom - Sex (You like Boom-boom? You wanna have sex?).  Typically used only in Angeles City.

Brownout - A power outage. Common in the Philippines.

Butterfly - A playboy. A man who has many mistresses.

Cherry Girl - Virgin

Comfort Room (CR) - Rest room. Toilet.

Diba - Understand?

Door Girl - A bargirl who stays at the entrance of a bar and prospects for customers

Freelancer - A woman who prospects for sex who does NOT work for a bar. Stay away! >> more info

Guapo - Handsome (directed towards men)

Guest Relations Officer (GRO) - Similar to a hostess at a hostess bar

Hindi - No

Honey Ko - My honey. Similar to a boyfriend or girlfriend

Kuripot - Cheap. Cheap Charlie.

Ladies Drink - A drink specifically for the bargirls. Not necessarily alcoholic. It includes a commission for the bargirl.

Lang - “Only”. “How much is the drink? 20 peso lang. Only 20 peso.”

Long Time - A barfine who stays overnight.

Maganda - beautiful (directed towards women)

Mahal Kita - I love you

Malibog - Horny

Mamasan - A female who manages a bar or manages the bar girls

Masakit - Sore.

Oo - Yes

Pangit - Ugly

Papasan or Daddy - A male who manages a bar or the manages the bar girls.

Paru-Paro - Tagalog for butterfly.  A playboy. A man who has many mistresses.

Pasaway - Naughty

Perimeter - Generally refers to Don Juico Ave and its surrounding bars and hotels in the Malabanias barangay west of Fields Ave, Balibago.

Puki - Vagina

Salamat - Thank you

Sal-Sal - Masturbate

See how you are? - A phrase used if you did something rude.

Shabu - A methamphetamine similar to Crystal Meth or Ice

Short Time - A barfine who stays for a few hours.

Suk-Suk - Sex

Titi - Penis

Up to you - “The decision is up to you”

Wala - Nothing


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