- The Definitive Guide to Angeles City

Hotels are plentiful in the entertainment district of Angeles City.  They are usually booked with very little vacancies and peak season from November to March you will often find many hotels with absolutely zero vacancies. Be sure to book your hotels ahead of time.

Because of the high occupancy rate’s at the Hotels here in Angeles City, booking a single hotel for your weeks long visit may sometimes be difficult.  You may have to switch between one or two other hotels.  Leave the frustrating work of booking hotels to a travel agency such as Charinas Travel, the hotel rates are no more expensive and sometimes less expensive.

*Do not book a hotel within the Clark Air Base as transportation in and out will be very expensive recommended hotels in alphabetical order.

>> Angeles Beach Club Hotel - One of the premier hotels of Angeles City. Luxury and high life.

>> Central Park Hotel - This is the hotel that plays it safe. Not too posh, not too expensive, but they do everything well.

>> Clarkton Hotel - With many years of experience, they have learned to do many things right.  Running a hotel is one of them.

>> Lewis Grand Hotel - Also one of the premier hotels of Angeles City. If you want the best, here is one of your choices.

>> Savannah Resort Hotel - Angeles City’s newest high end hotel. Many different rooms and suites to fit different budgets.

>> Swiss Chalet Hotel - Another excellent hotel near the Fields Ave strip.  Middle class hotel and affordable.

>> Walkabout Hotel - The cheapest choice on Fields Avenue.  Even cheaper when you pre-pay.

Angeles City hotel list.

- Luxury and Deluxe Hotels

Angeles Beach Club -

Dollhouse Hotel -

Lewis Grand Hotel -

Pacific Breeze Hotel -

Savannah Resort -

Wild Orchid Resort -

  1. -Standard and Budget Hotels

America Hotel

Anchorage Inn

Apartelle Royal -

Bangkok Hotel

Blue Fields Hotel -

Blue Nile Executive Hotel -

Brass Knob Hotel -

Central Park Hotel -

Century Resort Hotel -

Clarkton Hotel -

DM Residente -

Donald Paul Apartelle -

Euro Asia Hotel

Exotic Island Hotel -

Hana Hotel -

Hotel La Casa

Hotel Royal Amsterdam -

Koala Hotel -

Kokomoz -

L Tinio’s Inn -

Le Mirage Apartelle -

Lexus Hotel -

Limited Edition Hotel -

Lorietta’s Apartelle

Maharajah Hotel -

Marble Inn -

Marlim Mansions Hotel -

Marquis Hotel -

Medgar Apartelle -

Natalia Apartelle

Oasis Hotel -

Orange Lion Hotel -

Orchid Inn Resort -

Patio Inn Hotels and Resort -

Perimeter Hotel -

Phoenix Hotel -

PJ Ramada’s Hotel -

Ponderosa Hotel -

Premiere Hotel -

Red Tulip Hotel -

Rich and Rich Hotel -

Seinpost Hotel -

Sun Moon Hotel -

Sunset Garden -

Swagman Hotel -

Swiss Chalet -

Sydney Hotel -

Tiger Hotel -

Walkabout Hotel -

9 Five 0 Condotel -


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