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*Update 8/27/2010* After its brief closure, false accusations, and extortion by the Ermita Mayor Lim, LA Café has been reopened under the new name Manila Bay Café.  Its first night reopened has been fairly busy.

L.A. Café (now renamed Manila Bay Café) is an excellent bar located in Ermita, Metro Manila and it’s open 24 hours a day.  During the nights, it is overflowing with freelancer talent and live music is upstairs for a small 100 peso entrance fee.  It’s on the corner of Salas and M.H. Del Pilar streets and within walking distance of many hotels such as Executive Plaza and Hyatt Hotel and Casino.

L.A. Cafe may be intimidating to the newbie.  There’s girls on the bottom floor jam packed from wall to wall of all ages.  As you walk in during peak hour, girls will be eyeing you down, some might yell to get your attention or pull your arm.  There should be something here that floats your boat.  I noticed a lot of students come here to pay for their college tuition.  Some girls travel as far as a couple hours away by bus to get their piece of the pie.

Because this is a freelance bar, there is no such thing as a barfine or ladies drink.  To select a girl, make eye contact, and make some sort of signal for her to sit with you.  Typical asking price for short time will range from 2000-3000 peso depending on the quality of the girl.  Negotiate to the 1500-2000 range. 

Some of the experienced and dominant girls that frequent L.A. Cafe will say they are a mamasan and manage girls.  If they set you up with a girl, they will either ask for a “finders fee” from you or take a portion of the girls tip.  I prefer not to support them.

I also noticed that some girls will ask for a drink at an inflated price, aka ladies drink.  There is no such thing as a ladies drink at L.A. Cafe.  They are keeping the extra money for themselves. 

Those are just a few precautions to be aware of before going to L.A. Cafe but the positives certainly outweigh the negatives.  Bottom line is with the amount and selection of talent L.A. Cafe has each night, it is a must see next time you are in Metro Manila.


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