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On the 24th. of December 2009 [Xmas Eve] I was the victim of an unprovoked, cowardly attack by a bar manager who I believe goes by the name of Irish Mike. It happened on Perimeter Road about 20 yards up from a bar called The Silly Hat. I am an expat who has been coming to the Philippines for sixteen years, the last ten living in Angeles City. I turn 79 years old this year. At approx. 9-00 pm I walked into the Silly Hat bar and ordered a San Miguel Light. Upon drinking it I asked for the chit which was for 50 peso but found that my pocket had been picked earlier and apart from a few coins I had no money. I asked the waitress to call the manager known as Irish Mike and when I tried to explain my situation he accused me of just wanting a free drink. He told me that I could not leave the bar unless I left my wallet or watch as deposit. I refused to do this as the beer was only 50 peso and my wallet and watch were my personal possessions. He then said he would call the police to which I agreed. I then told him that I would go to my house and get some money and asked for paper and ball pen to give him my name,address and cell phone no. This done and as there was no argument I left the bar but had only walked about 20 yards up the street when he [Irish Mike] came at me from behind and put a headlock on me screaming "I know you are an old man but i'll bite your f------ ear off" which I think he would have done if the Mamasan had not intervened. She told him she knew me and to let me go as she would pay the 50 peso. I will mention also that i have a bad heart and was in fear of my life.  He let go of me and although badly shaken went home and returned with the money, 50 peso, for him. It was then that the girls in the bar asked me what had happened to my left ear as it was covered in blood. I told them that their manager had bitten it. Before leaving I approached Irish Mike and told him that I thought it was harsh treatment for just 50 peso. I had to seek medical treatment and gave the account to the bar owner who paid my out of pocket expenses. I have no grievance with the bar owner who was most concerned over the attack. I have reported the attack to the police at station 4 and made a signed statement. Ron Gilbert

Harry The Horse’s response:

I am in a quandry here. Ron swears that what is written here is true and he has passed his story on to many folks in town. I stopped by the Silly Hat to ask Irish Mike about this alleged incident and he swears that he did not bite Ron's ear. Mike confirmed that the part about the P50 is true and his request for ID or possessions which I indicated was a bit overboard for such a low amount. Mike explained that it was Christmas Eve, the bar was crowded, everyone had a few drinks and his boss was present as well as his wife, etc. Mike indicated that he was not a violent person and would never do such a thing to anyone. He said that when Ron came back with the P50 he did not have anything wrong with his ear. One of the ladies behind the bar told me the same thing. Somehow, I can't imagine any reason for Ron to make up such a tale but Mike's boss, who did give the money to Ron still has Mike on the payroll and he seemed nice enough to me. So, here you have another AC story that kind of has a bit of humor to it and can add to the folklore of this place. Did Mike really do a "Mike Tyson bite? Ron says yes, Irish Mike says no but whatever the truth is, remember one thing, check your wallet before you go into any bar to make sure you have enough on you to pay your bill. Easy to say right? Well, I remember that on two occasions I went out and forgot my wallet and found myself in the same situation as Ron, fortunately, I was in establishments that knew me and my credit was good. What the hell, pop into the Silly Hat, say hello to Irish Mike and ask him about this story, he loves to talk about it

Editors note:

Another case of poor management no matter how you look at it.  Accuse a nice old man of ripping off a bar of 50p?  Hold the mans wallet or watch in collateral for 50p?  Attack the man because of a 50p tab?  All completely ridiculous.  Harry’s response mentions that Irish Mike denies the ear biting but it does not seem that he denied the physical attack.