- The Definitive Guide to Angeles City

KTVs and Massage Parlors are a must see in Manila.  It’s arguable that the best quality girls of the Philippines are here.

What is a KTV?  It stands for Karaoke TV but in the Philippines it has evolved to a nude or semi-nude show as well as a hostess type bar environment.

What is a Massage Parlor?  It is a place which offers a shower, bed, a beautiful girl, massage, and “extra services”.  Most KTVs in Metro Manila have an associated Massage Parlor.

Its quality comes with a price though.  Prices generally start at 2500 peso for a one hour room and a beautiful girl but if you are a loose spender you may spend upwards of 5,000 peso or more ($100+ USD).  On the other hand it may be less than a generally cheap area such as Angeles City if you factor in the cost of bar hopping, ladies drinks, barfine, taking your lady out for more bar hopping; then finding out later in the evening that your barfine is a runner, on menstration, or some other bullshit.  I sometimes prefer a Massage Parlor if I want to get straight to the point.

  1. Air Force One:

Location: Paranaque, Metro Manila south of NAIA

Room: 3000 peso and up

Girl: 1000-1200 peso

Notes: Air Force One is the most upscale and luxurious KTV in Metro Manila, without a doubt.

The Air Force One girls are top notch.  After selecting a girl, our suggestion is DO NOT get a room there.  Instead, take her to a room in Flight 168 which is the massage parlor portion of Air Force One as detailed below.  Air Force One rooms do not offer a bed and is for Karaoke only.  Girls at the Air Force One rooms will NOT have sex with a guy in their tiny Karaoke rooms.

As with all other KTV’s, Air Force One also has a large KTV performance stage where girls dance.  There is a 500 peso consumable charge.

  1. Flight 168:

Location: Paranaque, Metro Manila south of NAIA.  Located in the Air Force One building.

Economy Class (upstairs): 1000 peso

Girl: 1500 peso

Business Class (downstairs): 2500 peso

Girl: 2000 peso

Notes: Flight 168 is the massage parlor portion of Air Force One.  As said above, Air Fore Once and Flight 168 are the most upscale and luxurious you can find in Metro Manila.

If you choose a girl from the business class, you are not restricted to use the business class rooms.  You may take the business class lady to the economy rooms.

Business class rooms are very similar to a high end hotel and offer a butlers services.

Promo hour is from noon - 7pm and offers a slightly discounted room rate.

Concord Cafe is in the business class area and offers a buffet for 500 peso.

  1. Sylvanus (Pegasus):

Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila

Deluxe room: 1000 Peso

Girl: 1500 Peso

Presidential room: 1800 Peso

Girl: 2000 Peso

Notes: Another great massage parlor located in Quezon City.  Selection is on the smaller size, but there are a bunch of quality girls to be found here.  Check the place out for yourself.  Promo hour before 8pm

  1. Executive Health Club:

Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila

Presidential room (60 min): 1200 Peso

CEO room (75 min): 1400 Peso

Chariman room (90 min): 1600 Peso

Girl: 1500 Peso

Notes: Not much notes about this place but I did notice quite a few very good looking women there when I checked the place out.  Promo hour before 7pm.

  1. Kremlin:

Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila

Economy (2nd floor): 1200 Peso

Girl: 1300 Peso

Executive (3rd floor): 2000 Peso

Girl: 2000 Peso

Notes: A great massage parlor in Quezon City.  Economy rooms and beds are a bit small and the shower is tiny, but the Executive rooms offer very fancy and much larger accomodations.  There is a relatively large selection of high quality girls. 

Next door to Kremlin is Classmates, the KTV portion.

Promo hour is before 7pm.

  1. Grandeur Health Club:

Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila

Grand Classique room (shower): 1200 Peso

Grand Deluxe Suite (TV and shower): 1300 peso

Grand Premier Suite (adds a steam bath): 1400 peso

Grand Suite (adds a Jacuzzi): 1600 peso

Notes: Expected tip to girls for extra services is from 1000-2000 peso.  60-90 minutes allocated time for room use.

Promo hour is before 8pm.

  1. Palacio Don Pedro:

Location: Makati City, Metro Manila

Executive room: 1200 Peso

Presidential room: 1500 Peso

Girl: 1500-2000 Peso

Notes: Promo hour is before 7pm and after 2am.  Walking distance from P. Burgos in Makati.  Walk south on Kalayaan Ave two blocks and make a left on Don Pedro St.


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