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Here’s a few random suggestions and pre-cautions you should consider when traveling to the Philippines.

Be sure to get essentials and medicine ahead of time.  Certain medicines and essentials may be expensive in the Philippines.  Here is a small list of things to get prior to the trip.

  1. Asprin - A basic pain killer and anti-inflammatory.

  1. Diarrhea/Stomach relief medicine - There’s is a chance you might eat something bad or something that your stomach will disagree with.  Having this is handy.  A popular medicine is Pepto Bismol or Imodium.

  1. Motion Sickness remedy - Jerky jeepneys and taxis in bumper to bumper traffic WILL eventually get you sick.  And the toxic diesel emissions do not help either.  Get some sort of motion sickness pill or have some sort of remedy available.  Crystalized ginger is great for motion sickness.

  1. Multi-Vitamin - The excessive intake of San Miguel beer and unusual foods may throw your system out of whack and make your body unbalanced.  Get a good multi-vitamin to keep your system going strong.  Also consider a Vitamin C supplement to keep your immune system strong.

  1. Mouth Wash - If you use mouth wash regularly, get it from back home.  It is expensive in the Philippines.

  1. Sleeping Pills - With all the excitement going on, it might be hard to sleep.  A good sleeping pill will help you get the proper amount of shut-eye to recharge.  I always take sleeping pills when on long flights.

  1. Viagra/Cialis - Lack of sleep and excessive alcohol may make it hard to get it up.  If you can get a prescription back home, get it.  Viagra and Cialis is available from Pharmacies and street vendors in the Philippines, but it is most likely fake.  I have tried Viagra and Cialis off the street and it works, but who knows what else is in them.

Keep healthy on the airplane.  When going on an airplane, its cramped quarters and recycled air may present an increased risk at getting sick.

  1. Anti-bacterial wipes - You will be sitting at your seat for a very long time.  Clean the arm rests, food tray, and other areas with the wipes to eliminate some potential risks

  1. Hand Sanitizer - Preferably you want to wash with warm water and soap for a minute or two.  But the hand sanitizer will be a good second alternative when on the go or on an airplane.

  1. Saline Nose Spray - The CDC recommends to use a non-medicated saline nose spray to moisten your nose and mucus membranes.  Mucus is your bodies first line of defense at keeping harmful bacteria out of your system.  The dry environment on an aircraft will dry out your mucus membranes and may cause you to get sick.  A couple sprays before the flight and during the flight when you have a dry nose will help prevent sickness.

Hydration - For the same reason as above.  This will help keep your throat moist.  Also necessary to keep your body running properly in the hot Philippines weather.

Change Seats - If the dude next to you is coughing his lungs out, change seats.

Other random sugestions...

  1. Condoms - Condoms seem to be on the small size here and do not seem to be of the same quality.  Get a sufficient supply for your entire trip.

  1. Emergency Contraception - There is no such thing as a “morning after pill” or emergency contraceptives in the Philippines.  In fact these are illegal.  According to an ex-girlfriends Obstetrician/Gynecologist, take three regular birth control pills as a substitute of an emergency contraceptive.  The emergency contraceptive pill simply has a higher dosage of hormone over a regular birth control pill to set off the period early.  You can find birth control pills at any Philippines pharmacy.

  1. Tap water - According to Andrew Zimmern, host of the Bizarre Foods show; his secret to staying healthy overseas in a foreign country is to never drink untreated tap water. 

  1. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea - Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are the two most common sexually transmitted infections.  Symptoms of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are burning while urinating and puss discharge from the tip of the penis but it is very common for the infection to go without symptoms.  This is possibly why infections are so common.  Fortunately Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are very easily treated.  Chlamydia is commonly treated with a 500mg dose of Zithromax.  Gonorrhea is commonly treated with a 500mg dose of Ciproflaxin (Cipro).  Both are types of antibiotics.  These are easily obtained over the counter at a Philippines pharmacy at an inexpensive price.  But of course consult your doctor for proper testing and treatment.


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