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Rookie Mistakes by Grande Nachos

OK so for all the benefit of the noobs like me, here is my gallery of rookie mistakes, in no particular order.  I did them all, I suffered for all y’all:

  1. Sat with one-girl-at-a-time all the time -

I guess I was trying to save $$$ by not having to buy rounds to 3 or 4 girls at a time or being too picky, but it was penny wise and pound foolish. Next time, I’ll grab at least 3 girls at a time to find the good ones, even if it takes a few more hundred pesos to do so.

  1. Picked too many near-cherry girls -

Yeah, caused by the problem above, it is not good enough to go with looks. Asking the right questions and be explicit about them, and asking the length of time that they been working is very important. Unless you like cherry girls, I would take girls with at least six months of work and no less. I got a decent looking gal, who had been working for 3 months, only to find out she didn’t do BJs?!?!? And another time I picked a gal where I was guy number 2 (post cherry). Soo not great.

  1. Ran Out of Good Condoms -

Goddammit. I only brought about 8 or 9 with me, and before i knew it, I had ran out. I bought the ‘Lifestyles International Version’ they sell locally but they turned out too be too small and uncomfortable. BRING PLENTY!

  1. Not Checking the Bar Bills Closely -

There are always ‘accidental mistakes’ in billing, they just never work on your favor, do they? I almost never checked the bills until my last few days, and I had been finding errors of between 200-300 peso on a 1,500-2,000 peso bill. Plus, they should not charge for lady drinks' prices when you brought the girl from somewhere else!

  1. Not Listening when the Girl says “you sure you want me?” -

I thought she was being flirty, in reality, if a girl asks if you are sure, is because she knows she isn't malibog or doesn't quite want to be barfined by you. I barfined a waitress and before I did, she kept pointing out to the dancers...I later found out why and yes, I regretted that one.

  1. Giving my Barfined Girl Too Much To Drink -

One night I went bar hopping for a bit because it was early, but my gal could not handle her alcohol too well, even something light like 2 margaritas and a beer and I ended up starting my night with her after she took a nap right after bar hopping. I keep forgetting these gals don’t really drink that much and the ‘lady drinks’ one buys are mostly non-alcoholic.

  1. Overspending in Transportation -

Took cabs when I should’ve taken the bus between Manila and AC instead. One was justified because I needed to leave at 3am, but the other times, I could’ve saved some $$$ by taking a nice bus from Manila to AC. Same for Trikes vs. Jeepneys. Next time I’ll move around via Jeepney a lot more.

  1. Forgot my Viagra -

I didn’t need it until the last 2 days, and I knew I had brought some, but I had forgotten it in Manila… geez. At least I knew NOT to buy the fake Viagra/Cialis they sell on the street. But, I could’ve used a shot of ‘vitamin V’ just for the last couple of days, where the lack of sleep finally caught up.

  1. Doing too much in Manila -

I went to EDSA and the Phoenix Club and paid for it, sure, I did find my 3-holer in the EDSA entertainment center (the space club), but the cost was almost 3 times what would have been in AC and for a lot less time and less fun. If I had known I was coming back to AC, I wouldn’t had spend that much time and money in Manila. AC is more fun and better price.

  1. Not bringing enough in Cash -

I just checked my bank account, where I was charged $6 USD per withdrawal! (yikes!) it didn't matter if I did the withdrawal at Voodoo's ATM, Citibank at Balibago, etc... Next time, I'll bring plenty of cash and avoid the ATMs. (FYI Manila's machines allow a 10,000 peso max withdrawal. In AC I think it was 6,000p max withdrawal)


Editors note:

Lots of good points to think about.  Thank you for the article.


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