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Angeles City tipping guide

Hello Fields Avenue,

Please consider making a tipping guide.  I read your barfine guide with its suggestions on how much to tip your bargirl but what about everything else in Angeles City?

Thank you,



Thank you for the suggestion.

In the Philippines, tipping in general is not customary.  In fact when I was with with a girlfriend of mine in Manila and every time I tried to tip she would scold me.  I would tell her the service was great and its rude not to tip.  She would eventually allow me to tip a few peso which is equivalent to a few cents in the US.  As she walked out I would sneak a 50 peso note on the table making sure she didn’t see or risk getting an ear full from her.

As a tourist from a first world country visiting a third world country; would it put a big dent in your pocket to tip a small amount?  Absolutely not.  Would it help the Filipino worker?  Greatly.  If you are in a Filipino establishment outside of Angeles City, tipping is not mandatory.  On the other hand I prefer to tip a little especially if the service was good.

Although it is not customary to tip in the Philippines, the Angeles City bar scene and everything else related was built from the market created by the US Airmen in the neighboring Clark Air Force Base looking to have fun with the local Filipina women.  Because the Angeles City bar scene was brought up my US Western standards, it is customary to tip.

This tipping guide is only my opinion on what is fair for yourself and the Filipino worker.  And since tip is based on the quality of service you received, there is never a set tip amount.

Tipping Guide

  1. Waitress in a bar: 5-10% or 10 peso each drink if paying individually.  Do not tip is she orders a double ladies drink without specifying single or double.  Do not tip is she pads your check.  Always double check your receipts to make sure she is not overcharging.

  1. Mamasan: Its not customary to tip the mamasan.  But if she was helpful in picking out a girl for you, slide her a 50 peso note.  However it is entirely up to you.

  1. Bargirl (short time): 300-400 peso.  400-500 for great service.

  1. Bargirl (long time): 400-500 peso.  700-1000 on a rare occasion for spectacular service.

  1. Bargirl (back room blowjob): 200 peso

  1. Waitress in restaurant: 5-10%

  1. Massage (no happy ending): 100 peso

  1. Massage (happy ending): 300 peso

  1. Massage (full service): 400-500 peso

  1. Hotel doormen: Nothing if you are only staying at the hotel for a day or two.  20 peso a week if he is courteous and opens the door for you.

  1. Hotel bellboy: 20 peso if he carries your heavy luggage and shows you the room.

  1. Hotel maid: 50 peso a day

  1. Trike driver: Nothing.

Please adjust tip amount accordingly to poor or excellent service.


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