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Public Bus

The next way to get to Angeles City would be with bus.  Its a bit nerve racking especially if you are new to this third world country but its really not that bad.  Its simple once you get over the fact that someone wont be holding your hand while you ride to Angeles City.

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1. Once you’ve gathered your luggage, leave the baggage/customs area at NAIA, catch a metered taxi to the Victory Liner bus terminal in Pasay, Manila. There are 3 terminals at NAIA, I am only familiar with terminal one. Exit the baggage claim/customs building, look left and you will see the "Metered Taxi" section. If you are in terminals two or three, ask a security guard to direct you to the metered taxi section. Non-Metered taxis are a ripoff and should be avoided. Metered taxis should cost a maximum of 150php including tip. Non-metered taxis will cost as much as 300-600 peso so stay away. Once in a metered taxi make sure they turn on the meter.

2. Catch the Victory Liner bus to Dau. The ticket should cost 140-150php. Click the enlarge the map to the right.  The bus will take the Dau expressway toll booth exit. Fields Ave is on the north side of Angeles City neighboring Dau. Taking the Angeles City exit will take longer to reach Fields Ave.

3. Now that you are at the Dau bus terminal you may either catch a trike to your hotel (~40-50php on the Fields Avenue main drag and ~60-80php for perimeter hotels) or be a true kuripot (cheap ass) and catch a Jeepney for 8.5 Peso. Trikes will be lining the entrance of the bus station and you cannot miss them. If you decide to catch a jeepney, read on.

4. I prefer to interact with the locals as much as possible therefore I catch the Jeepneys. To catch a Jeepney, exit towards the street. You will see Chow King and Jollibee restaurants at the entrance to the bus terminal as you walk out. Stay on the same side of the street and walk left. 100 ft down you will be at an intersection with a Caltex Gas Station and KFC Restaurant where the Jeepneys have made a makeshift pickup point. You are now on MacArthur Hwy. Some guy will probably be boarding the Jeepneys so tell him you’re headed towards Fields Ave.

**If you do not see Jeepneys at the pickup station, walk across MacArthur Hwy and flag down a Jeepney from the street going south bound. Be sure to follow the arrows in the map provided above.

5. The Jeepney will drop off everyone near the intersection of MacArthur and M.A. Roxas Hwy. See map to the right. M.A. Roxas Hwy is the main road that takes you to SM Mall Clark. The ride from Dau to M.A. Roxas Hwy should take 5-10 minutes. Since were headed to Fields Ave, walk south (same direction of travel as Jeepney) approximately 250ft. You will need to cross M.A. Roxas Hwy, be careful as there are no marked crosswalks and traffic will be speeding through. Eventually you will see a 7-11 convenience store on the right side. The next street on right will be Fields Ave. There should be a small sign marking Fields Avenue and looking down the street you will see a large red, white, and blue sign that says 1230 Pizza.

You're now on Fields Avenue.

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