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A note on Taxi’s in the Philippines...

It almost seems like there is no such thing as an honest taxi or trike in the Philippines.  Be careful.  Be sure the taxi driver uses his meter.  My group and I learned the hard way paying 1000 peso from Taguig to Makati in Metro Manila.  My local friend tells me I shouldn’t have paid more than 150-200 peso.

My suggestion is to NEVER ask up front for the price of a taxi.  They will always try to gouge you and charge a flat rate instead of the metered rate.  Simply jump into the taxi and request your destination and make sure he turns on the meter.  If he does not, firmly tell him to turn on the meter.  He may give you every excuse in the book as to why he does not turn on the meter, its all bullshit and there is no reason he should not turn on the meter.  If he continues to refuse, exit the vehicle and look for another taxi away from his group of taxi friends. 

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