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As detailed in the prior section, avoiding taxi scams is fairly easy.  Trikes on the other hand are a bit more complicated as there is no such meter system.  They go by odometer reading and follow the trike fare matrix as displayed on the following page.  The trike fare matrix is also fairly complicated to the uninformed traveler due to the pricing structure and increased prices with travel between the different barangays.  Below is a few examples of common trike routes and their appropriate prices.  Otherwise a new traveler to Angeles City may have to pay inflated trike fare prices until you fully understand the trike fare matrix.

As of November 15, 2008, the PTRO will be requiring all trike drivers of Angeles City to follow a new regulated trike fare matrix. 

Please report any trike driver who refuses to follow this schedule.

Trike fares goes as follows:

  1. Regular trip within a particular zone -

20p for first kilometer up to two people riding.  Each subsequent kilometer will be 5p.

  1. Special trip to another zone - 20p for first kilometer, 20p for second kilometer, 10p for each subsequent kilometer after that.

  1. Students, Senior Citizens, and Disabled persons - 15p for first kilometer and 2 peso

Examples of approximate distances and prices:

  1. Kokomo’s to Stargate is approx 3.5km (zone 1 and 4).  20p (first km) + 20p (second km) + 10p (third km and thereafter) + 10p = 60p

  1. Kokomo’s to SM City Clark (zone 1 only) is approx 0.65km.  20p

  1. SM City Clark to Fortune Restaurant or Casino Filipino on MacArthur Hwy (Zone 1 only) is approx 1.5km.  20p + 5p = 25p

  1. Kokomo’s to Downtown Angeles City Apo Market (zone 1 and zone ?) is approx 4km.  20p + 20p + 10p + 10p = 60p

Penalties for violating trike drivers:

  1. 1st offense - 1000p or one month imprisonment

  1. 2nd offense - 2000p or two months imprisonment

  1. 3rd offense - 3000p or six months imprisonment and cancellation of trike permit

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